Smart Flashlight

Smart Flashlight: Map Navigation Using a Bike-mounted Projector 

This paper firstly demonstrates by proof-of-concept a GPS-based map navigation using a bike-mounted projector. Secondly, it implements a prototype using both a projector and a smartphone mounted on a bike, comparing them for use in a navigation system for nighttime cycling. Thirdly, it examines how visuo-spatial factors influence navigation. Our findings will be useful for designing navigation systems for bikes and even for cars, helping cyclists and drivers be more attentive to their environment while navigating, providing useful information while moving.


Comparison with phone mounted on handlebar

For 69% of subjects, the projector-based system was easier to use, and 75% found it safer to use. Regarding support for navigation, 69% of subjects stated the projector helped them more than the mobile phone. Similarly, route attentiveness was perceived as being higher with the projector-based system for 63% of subjects. In 69% of all cases subjects reported, road and traffic visibility was reported as higher with the projector-based system



The follow-up was Gesture Bike where we compared map navigation using road projection with a head-up-display and also implemented turn signaling using the natural gestures already used in cycling, and proposed concepts such as safety envelope, minimum stopping zone inspired by Gibson’s perception theory.

Gesture Bike

This research has inspired different international groups:
bikenplay The Austrian funded project bike’n’play: developed by the Playful Interactive Environments Group

Master thesis at Purdue University, USA developed by the sun of the owner of major Chinese bicycle company:  XDS Shenzhen Xidesheng Bicycles Co. 


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